Cost of adding a garage to newish home

julie28, Mar 8, 10:47pm
would I be right at guessing $1K a sqm meter approx

anne1955, Mar 8, 10:54pm
Just have a friend get quote for a total span one with all the add on's it's over 20,000 already and she then was told about things she probably thought of to add to it as well.Granted it's a stand alone one not attached to a house.And have been told that it's cheap Just a big single one nothing flash.

elect70, Mar 9, 3:16am
Try all theusualfranchisesits a pretty cutthroatbisuness.$1G sq m is fora housegarage lot less

julie28, Apr 9, 2:51am
Want to make old internal garage into games room and add another internal access garage