Home Alarm System Wireless?

james63, Apr 1, 9:39pm
a friend has Swann purchased from Dick Smith. Cost effective and reliable

trade_menow, Apr 1, 10:08pm
Dont go with these there have been alot of complaints about them on fair go

chitty11, Apr 20, 10:52am
checkout exodus alarms. all wireless and expandable not cheap but can also be monitored using the sim card slot either voda or 2degrees. options on different sensors etc. easy to set up as sensors are actually pre programmed for you. however can adjust this easily just bought one and it seems great so far instructions were very clear.

siobhan41, Apr 21, 12:09am
Vivent run a mile.

sr2, Apr 21, 1:37am
Swann have a terrible reputation in the security industry.

dingo011, May 14, 11:57pm
We are moving into a new house ( new to us ) We have always had a monitored alarm sysem and intend to have one installed at our new address. But we have no ceiling access and don't want wires running up the walls etc. Also we don't intend to have a landline as we have cable internet / wireless and TV ( Vodafone was Telstra ) Thinking it will be best to have a wireless alarm system and monitored via mobile network. Does anyone have any good or bad experiences? or recomendations of brands / service providers in Wellington?

goose16, May 15, 1:16am
Many homes and businesses now use wireless security systems, without issue. They're very good.
I can recommend Chris Patterson from Electroguard Security 027 4484508 or 5691279.
Been in the business a very long time and knows this stuff inside out.

dingo011, May 15, 1:41am
Thanks for the heads up and I will give Chris a call.

kgr, May 15, 6:42am
Vivent nz also great

racmac21, May 15, 6:44am
DSC wireless are pretty reliable

sarahb., Dec 3, 9:55am
Are you about? How are you finding your exodus alarm? Is it still working?

citydude, Jul 12, 7:03am
This is an old thread, but might as well stick some info in here :)

Brand wise, stick to

- Paradox
- Arrowhead
- Micron
- Bosch/Solution

Those are the trusted, reputable brands, each has a good wireless option (especially the first 3)

Monitoring wise, there are plenty of options, you can have a monitoring company monitor via 2g/3g network (good option), via your ADSL (not a great option), or you can buy simcard units (same brands) that will call/txt your cellphone when they activate. Talk to your installer about options :)