Need to re-roof a 1960s home - what do you

korban, Apr 2, 5:15am

What products are good!

What products should we avoid!

Any suggestions much appreicated - thanks.

mrgts4, Apr 2, 5:20am
What is on there at the moment! Coloursteel is a good product.

korban, Apr 2, 8:25am
Iron, I think corrugated iron.

trade4us2, May 8, 2:10pm
I'd go for corrugated iron. Tiles tend to leak and/or break.
There are some new products that look like shingles but that don't rot or fall to bits in 10 years.
However anything other than corrugated iron would probably need a permit (if anyone cares about such things).

P.S. don't Google images for shingles!