Hot water shooting out of pipe in roof.

1749, Aug 14, 9:56pm
How do I stop hot water from coming out of the pipe in the roof please?

jills3, Aug 14, 10:03pm
Maybe turn off all water at the mains, till you get it sorted.

johotech, Aug 14, 10:03pm
Do you have a fire with a wetback heater? If so, use some hot water and don't have the fire raging so hot.

If it is just electric hot water, possibly the thermostat is faulty. Turn your hot water off at the switch. You can turn it off/on as you need water (but don't leave on over night), until you can get it fixed. Call an electrician.

1749, Aug 14, 10:47pm
Yes we have a wetback. The fire only usually goes from about 4-10pm. I noticed the water coming out about midday.

macman26, Aug 14, 10:52pm
Ajax valve could be in need of repairs.

jan2242, Aug 14, 11:17pm
ditto - ajax valve. A plumber can fi this easily for you.

1749, Oct 27, 1:15pm
Thanks for your reply. I will get it sorted.