Tile roof

allurs, Nov 3, 6:49am
I have a tile roof house built in the 1950's. Was preparing to go up and spray for moss and was advised not to walk on it at all the tiles could crack? I really thought they were quite strong. Any advice with this please.

newtec1, Nov 3, 7:30am
How do you think tile roof restoration companies work if they can't walk on them.Of course you can if you are carefull and stand on the leading edge where they are supported by the tile under it. I was involved with restoration and it is certainly possible.If you are careless and stand anywhere yes you might crack some,but generally tiles are fairly strong.In saying that you probably will find a few cracked ones anyway,if so they need replacing before you start,the only problem is find some with the same profile,but most demo yards will have some,if not a roof restoration company will carry some.

jonners2013, Nov 3, 7:37am
i've also got a 1950s brick and concrete tile house. i've fiddled around with a few of the tiles to reset them onto their mounting and some are very brittle. i don't think i'd be especially confident walking round up there. i'm more tempted to go with one of the hose clip on spray things like these;


although i've no idea if they actually work.

cagivachick1, Nov 3, 8:28am
best thing your average bundy can do to a tile roof is stay off it

easygoer, Nov 3, 8:56am
If the tiles have never been cleaned and resealed before I suggest getting a restoration company in for a quote, it's likely that the glazing has deteriorated and the tiles are now porous, my 100 Sq Metre house cost around $4,500.00 3 years ago to clean, replace damaged tiles, re-mortar the ridges etc and re-coat the tiles

golfdiver, Nov 3, 9:30am
I coated more than a thousand roofs over the years, but these were the first tiles we drew the line on. Made from beach sand, the tiles had pumice and bits of drift wood in them. These have eroded leaving many with pin holes. Some were very good, the oldest rosscrete tile and the McNab had good strength but most are well past their best now. For around twice what painting a 60 year old tile costs you can reroof in Colorsteel with a 30 year warranty and enjoy the benefits of underlay as well.

allurs, Aug 10, 4:06am
Thanks everyone for advice more to think about.