Washing machine hose adapters

Is there such a thing as an adapter that goes from the outlet pipe of a washing machine to a garden hose! Were would I get one from if there was such a thing!

accroul, Dec 20, 3:53 pm

Most washing machine hose is actually same thread as standard garden fittings. I just got an adaptor from $2 shop, but can get fitting you need from hardware retailler like mitre 10 or any good garden centre. Same thread etc. I have one of those 1 hose to 2 tap thingys that I use to connect both hoses up, and it has a nylex type clip on end that I then attach to the hose as normal

gorgie14b, Dec 20, 4:21 pm

I think #1 meant the "outlet" ie he/she wishes to connect the grey water drain hose to a hose to waterthe garden, the short answer RE adaptors is NO but go to bunnings & pick up some various fittings known as "reducers"
whereby you will able to fit the thread inside the outlet hose of your machine & get a male hose fitting to screw inside the reducer. Wahine machine pumps generally work on fairly low pressure although a hose clip may help.

taipan4, Dec 20, 5:03 pm

Yes taipan4 wanting it for watering the flower garden.
Love your comment about wahine machine pumps - my washing machine has been a bit of a wahine today!

accroul, Dec 20, 5:09 pm

Yes the spelling police would have a field day on that .anyway hope I have been of some help, as effectively we pay for that water & here we are pouring it into (in our case) a septic tank

taipan4, Dec 20, 5:46 pm

In Auckland we pay volumetric rates for water that comes out of our taps but then they sting us more by making the assumption that it all goes down the drain & charge us volumetric waste water charges too.It makes no difference if I let the grey water go down the drain or on the garden, I still get charged for it!

accroul, Dec 20, 6:29 pm

we are on a lifestyle block & deal with pumping our own water & collecting rain water & getting rid of it once used

taipan4, Dec 21, 9:01 pm

If you want to run your garden hose any distance from your washing machine you will find that it restricts the flow quite a lot as washing machine pumps arent very high in output.
. Maybe a short run to a holding tank and pump from there would be better.

budgel, Dec 22, 8:54 am

Yes totally agree, Those pumps arent designed to pump through restricted pipework or over a long length of pipe. It may put too much strain on the pump and cause it to overheat. ( Happened to mine )

caspar26, Dec 23, 2:02 pm

There are no screw fittings on an outlet hose that discharge the water, so the only thing that i can think of is to fit a length of copper pipe inside the hose allowing enough sticking out to connect another hose to where a holding tank can take it all. remember that the hose must be at the same level at the tubb before dropping away to this other holding facility otherwise it wont pump out properly.

cantabman1, Dec 23, 5:02 pm

just buy hose fitting for a 20mm pipe

steptoe72, Dec 23, 6:17 pm

w/mc pumps are not a "hi head" design only suited to pushing the water to get it into your tub, But as long as outlet on your "garden hose" extension is lower than the machine pump or about the same level, then you will not be creating a hi head on the pump which will cause the water to just churn & heat the water & damage the seal causing a leak onto the pump windings
& a $95.00 replacement (parts only) for F & P anyway

taipan4, Dec 23, 10:41 pm

#1 Be aware that putting to long a garden hose on the pump will have the same effect as trying to pump the water too high, better to go to a specialist hose supplier & get a large diameter low pressure hose, or consider pumping to a holding tank with a short hose & then a dedicated pump to pressurise for your garden, this all sounds complicated but could save you some moolah ($$$$) in the long run.

taipan4, Dec 23, 10:46 pm

Hmmmm, looks like 'bucket & chuck'it' is my only solution for now then. I've only just moved a tank around the back of the house (flower graden is at the front) as it was a bit of an eyesore. Just means I have to traipse through the house from one side to the other with a 10L pain 6/7 times per load - I'll call it exercise!

accroul, Dec 24, 10:26 am

Search for "laundry grey water diverter valve" or "Suldi Greywater Valve"
one site is. http://www.darebin.vic.gov.au/Files/Types_of_greywater_diverters.pdf
May give you some ideas on making your own

kamitchell, Dec 25, 12:16 am