Outdoor plant pot soil drying out help please.

jsc1, Nov 11, 7:04am
Is there some hairy matty stuff I could put down over the soil in the pots to protect the soil from the harsh kiwi sun ?

hotstuff111, Nov 11, 7:10am
go to miter ten and buy some satur aid i just did some pots and the glass house works so good it stops the water running every were else

lythande1, Nov 11, 6:53pm
Any mulch will help keep the moisture in.
Yes, there are hairy matty types available at the garden centres too. take your pick.

daarhn, Nov 11, 7:09pm
Save your pennies. when soil dries out in pots, baskets, ground it forms a oil like water repellent. To break this for better water absorption there is no need for fancy expensive products, simply bucket of water few drops dish liquid, froth it a little then water you pots, baskets and dry spots. Instant water absorption your plants will bounce back fast. An old tip I've been using and suggesting past 30 years that is cheap and effective. Washing water is the same.

Mulching for pots. bucket of pebbles rocks various grades look great. Handfuls woodchips retains moisture avoids splash back of soil. Sphagnum moss can be bought in 'brick' form reconstituted and holds moisture. Old coconut fibre from hanging baskets can be used. Shredded straw.

Summer mulching for the garden. For a chance of free truck load of mulch, contact your local treescapers. They have to pay to get rid of the wood chips/ mulch and most are grateful to dump a load. Apply thickly.

rsr72, Nov 11, 9:51pm
Line insides (sides) of porous outdoor pots with black garden plastic to reduce evaporation from heat

daarhn, Nov 11, 10:28pm
or bubble wrap, shopping bags, potting mix bags, all slit open and cut to size.