Cleaning Washing Machine

So just brought a 6 year old washing machine and decided to give it a clean (bit of a clean freak i guess.). Unscrewed and took out the agitator and gave it a good scrub. Went from slightly brown back to white! Also popped the lid off and cleaned all the gunk/powder that was sitting under there - put an old rag on the end of a flathead screw driver and was able to get it all out! After all that i decided to purchase a product called "CERACLEAN" Washing machine cleaner. What an awesome product! On the second wash i was able to see all gunk floating around it had loosened up from the drum! Deff recommend to all. The machine is looking and smelling like new. Will now make it a yearly clean for the machine!

jenifa, Jan 27, 7:52 pm

Product details at the bottom of this website:

jenifa, Jan 27, 7:53 pm

jenifa, Jan 27, 7:54 pm

We did the same thing and were disgusted to see how much gunk came out!

Just don't use if you have a septic tank

brucie261, Jan 27, 7:56 pm

I use vinegar in each wash cycle, keeps it and your clothes sparkling clean. Never use fabric softener in your machine, worse thing out for making gunk !

wheelz, Jan 27, 11:20 pm

Would that be white vinegar and how much do you use!Do you use it in the wash cycle rather than the rinse cycle !

kuaka, Jan 28, 8:04 am

Oh, thanks for posting - I'm going to give that a go in my machine.It's a front loader so I can't take bits out to clean it, and vinegar and baking soda isn't really doing the trick.

ninya, Jan 28, 12:42 pm

I run my front loader on a hot wash with just vinegar once a month. No clothes in the machine just the water and vinegar. It's lovely and clean and smells lovely.

thistle4, Jan 28, 2:09 pm

We have a top loader in the garage just plumbed for cold water that my wife uses for sheets/towels etc.She always uses white vinegar in the softner compartment instead of softner. It breaks down any soap in towels and acts as a softener while keeping your machine nice and clean. If you have a washmachine plumbed for hot and cold, just running a very hot wash through with no washing occasionally should keep it clean.

brightlights60, Jan 28, 9:14 pm

thanks OP for posting. we just spent the afternoon doing the same on a washing machine fromour rental. Tenants must have used bottles of softener down it.we had to replace it for them after only 3 years because they said black things were floating in the water and making their washing dirty! It's clean now but took lots of elbow grease and a water blaster. am definitely going toget the Ceraclen for our own machine.TOMORROW!

chi-chi, Jan 28, 9:40 pm

No worries thought i'd share my experience! Im sure it will all go well!

jenifa, Feb 1, 5:19 pm

I just saw in my countdown mailer starting Monday 4th - 10th feb 2 ceraclen washing machine cleaner for $10 normally $6.39 each.

susievb, Feb 2, 7:48 pm


jenifa, Feb 3, 8:43 pm

I have purchased some Ceraclen. Instructions to not indicate water level to run the machine. I presume "Auto" won't cut it?

kay, Aug 1, 3:39 pm