Fisher and Paykel washing machine problem

raven71, Aug 17, 5:19am
Anyone familiar with fixing one of these? It has broken down with error code 62. Google says this is related to the drainage pump.

cabrio1, Aug 17, 6:20am
There should be a filter somewhere, mines behind a door at the bottom.
If it gets blocked with coins, hair grips etc it won't drain.
Cleared a couple of dollars from mine, then it was fine.
Otherwise the pump might be broken, not so hard to change generally.
Have had to do both to our machine over the years.

johotech, Aug 17, 6:52am
Knowing the model number of the machine would be helpful.

pamow69, Aug 17, 8:00am
62. (00111110) Phase 5 - Pump Fault
The Motor Controller has detected an excessive pump current.
Primary Source- Pump
Action - Replace Pump. NB. Just checking the resistance of the pump (approx. 33 ohms cold to 40 ohms hot) is NOT reliable as the pump inductance is also important.
Secondary Source - Motor Controller
Action - Replace Motor Controller.
This taken from the F&P service manual. The control board is getting a high reading from the drain pump. Could be a faulty pump but could also be the control board misreading the info from the pump. You would have to try a different pump (borrow one if possible to test) if fault clears then buy and instal a new pump. If fault is still there, put old pump back and replace the control board.

cantabman1, Aug 17, 7:32pm
More likely to be a small blockage like a hairpin or clip of some kind, blocking the flow.

dinx, Oct 24, 2:06am
Blockages are pretty common, I would check the pump first and cross fingers its that. Pump is easy to switch thou. There are service manuals online and vids on youtube even, of course it really should only be serviced by a qualified technician. Used to be an awesome seller on here for second hand parts but no longer trading sadly.