Gas hot water problem

tomemma, Sep 24, 11:34pm
We have recently moved into a new house with Infinity gas hot water. We have noticed when taking a shower that every minute or so the hot water goes cold then back to normal again. We thought (after googling) it might be a water restrictor in the shower head but the shower head we have doesn't have one. We also thought it was just the shower but appears to be happening with the kitchen tap too. Any thoughts before we call the plumber to come and have a look?


russ18, Sep 25, 1:22am
For an Infinity fault ring 0800 rinnai (746624) to get your local service person

carter19, Sep 25, 1:50am
Mains gas? LPG? What size bottles and wgat suze califont. Is is nains water or gravity fed?

vivienney, Sep 25, 8:15am
If pressure drops flame goes off and takes a minute to get heat going again. Keep tap pressure higher and see if that helps. Just a thought. Moved to gas a couple of years back. Love it.

vivienney, Sep 25, 8:17am
If pressure drops flame goes off and takes a minute to get heat going again. Keep tap pressure higher and see if that helps. Just a thought. Moved to gas water heating a couple of years back. Love it.Never made sense to me having a huge tank reheating all day or night - esp when we have to pay for it.

gpg58, Sep 25, 8:47am
Check your gas bottles are fully turned on. Personally for just me in house with a low flow rate shower, i leave one turned off so i can change over when it is empty, rather than run out completely. But i think some systems need both bottles on, and bottle selector left in centre(both bottles) position, to get enough gas to keep up with demand.

sunnysue1, Sep 25, 9:13am
I had the same problem. I now leave the temp at 50 and use the the shower as if it was electric hot water. ie add cold water to the hot. After 2 yrs of trying the way I was advised. set temp and have shower on full. and getting the cold bursts I gave up.

aredwood, Sep 25, 9:25am
Check that both bottles are on full. And that the selector is set to one side. (not in the middle) This is so it will fully empty the bottle that the arrow is pointing to. It will start drawing gas from the second bottle automaticly when the first one runs out. And if the first one can't supply enough flow, it will draw just enough from the second bottle to "top up" the flow from the first one.

If it still happens then you will need to get a gasfitter out to re commission the infinity. (check they know how to do this as alot of gasfitters just chuck them on the wall without commissioning them). It can also be caused by not enough water flow. And also if the gas pipes to the infinity are too small.

tomemma, Sep 25, 11:19am
Sorry should of said its mains gas not bottles. Will get hubby to have a look at the infinity unit otherwise should I call a plumber or a gas fitter?

Thanks for your suggestions

fordcrzy, Sep 26, 12:36am
pretty sure they have a flow sensor that switches on a second heating element. your system nmay have gone out of calibration so its turning off the "highflow" burner"

bronglen, Sep 26, 6:37am
We had the same problem. The gas guy came round and the temperature 'thingy' in the main unit was out. We have not had a problem since.

aredwood, Sep 20, 12:08am
If it is not low water flow then definitely a gasfitter.