What sort of saw to cut bricks?

susievb, Oct 10, 6:08am
I have some house clay bricks that are chipped or broken, l was told a circlular saw, but is there a name or term for that sort of blade?

tintop, Oct 10, 6:14am
An abrasive masonry cut-off wheel to fit your particular saw.

Try Bunnings/Mitre 10 / etc.

If you have a lot to do - a diamond wheel may be more economical.

There will be a lot of dust - make sure you wear a mask, or can hold your breath for a bit. :)

aj.2., Oct 10, 9:14am
A diamond saw is best , but needs to be water cooled , only use on a proper suitable saw ,
Abrasive cut off saw will work , but will wear down fast if there are lots to cut.
Ring a hire place , and check prize on hire .
The depth of the cut will come into it , as many saws don't have much throat, so you may have to turn the brick over , to complete the cut .
Make up a holder for the bricks , that way your hands are well clear of the blade , as kick back can be a problem.

tintop, Oct 10, 9:34am
There are dry cut diamond blades.

captaingraham, Sep 5, 6:17pm
Don't forget to wear earmuffs.