Fire bricks for a KENT Spectra

insuroc, Jan 16, 2:38am
I am looking for 2 fire bricks for my Kent Spectra Tile Fire.It is aprox fitted in 1995.
The size is 220 x 115 x 40
ring 0274 987818 please

pete48, Jan 16, 5:55am
Hi John, Got some firebricks for my spectre 2 years ago at the BBQ factory. They have since closed but try this link!info_id=11
Hope this helps.Peter

insuroc, Jan 17, 7:53am
Thanks Pete.I will contact them tomorrow.

rose-eden, Jan 17, 9:36am
We just took out a brick and went to mitre 10 last year, they had all sorts of different fire bricks and were able to supply the correct size.Kent tile fires are great aren't they.

insuroc, Jan 26, 12:06pm
Thanks rose-eden.