Ideas for trees

lotsagiggles, Sep 10, 7:21am
What is the cheapest and best way to protect (from rabbits, pigs, sheep and goats) and stake (my cherry tree is on a serious) lean fruit trees?
I have 20. Yes I know I may have gone a little nuts. New house I must do everything got a hold of me.

r.g.nixon, Sep 10, 7:24am
A rabbit-proof fence?

lotsagiggles, Sep 10, 7:34am
The wild rabbits are likely to be to dog food soon but the other animals are the neighbours. I would like to get a pet lamb and goat to trim the grass because it is very bumpy etc so mowing isn't really possible.

maclad, Sep 10, 7:51am
To stake your leaning cherry tree you will probably need to guy rope it onto 3 in ground stakes. Best to google I think as cannot explain properly but basically three short stakes about 1.5 metres away from trunk in triangle form. Three separate pieces of rope attached from tree to stake with perhaps a piece of hose over the rope where it meets the tree trunk, to prevent damage. tighten as much as possible and adjust accordingly to straighten tree over time. It will be a process of a few years, 3 or more.

groovie1, Sep 10, 7:59am
Here's an animal friendly idea:

music_note, Sep 10, 1:58pm
Except the sheep whose wool is long enough to provide good insulation, and the pigs who learn to go through - Fast!

kaylin, Sep 13, 8:08am
Grass will be the very last thing they eat. They'll eat the tree branches and leaves first.

macandrosie, Sep 14, 5:22am
Shift your stock! As kaylin said they will everything but the grass! Do you want trees or not? Something has to go or get shifted!

ianab, Oct 1, 6:03pm
Goat is going to be the problem. They will only eat grass as a last resort. They much prefer nibbling on tastier plants like seedlings.