New bathroom layout ideas 2.1m square

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simeon_, Sep 8, 8:50pm
I'm thinking of just the shower over new bath with a cavity sliding
Door to allow for toilet and basin.

lythande1, Sep 9, 1:52am
My pet hate is toilets in bathrooms. Ick.

lissie, Sep 9, 1:58am
I prefer toilets in bathroom than down the back yard.

I can't stand showers over baths though - have you thought of getting rid of the bath and just having a decent sized shower - a floor plan would be very helpful

biggles45, Sep 9, 2:01am
We thought about doing that but were advised by 2 different RE agents that if we ever wanted to sell it would limit our market. eg young families need a bath. too difficult to shower a baby/toddler. OP is a separate shower possible, eg in the laundry?

jonners2013, Sep 9, 2:25am
Really? Mine is showers over bath.

simeon_, Sep 9, 2:31am
Shower could go in the laundry but it is an attached outdoor laundry where the original toilet is. I think the toilet needs to go in the far to walk.

simeon_, Sep 9, 7:33am
Good advice so far. any more input?

jhan, Sep 9, 10:05am
I don't believe that is an issue nowdays. There are the baby baths for the young. As soon as they can stand for any length of time, they can be showered with mum or dad.

groovie1, Sep 11, 6:51am
When we purchased we barely glanced at the bath tub upstairs but the kids crooned. Two and a bit years later with the novelty long gone its barely used in preference for the shower downstairs or a soak in our numerous hot pools round Taupo. We??

tui93, Sep 12, 6:57am
We have a bath - never use it. The bathroom is small, wish we'd just put a wet floor shower in.

spiritofgonzo, Sep 13, 5:04am
If it's the main / only shower, then I think it should be easy to walk in. Eg not a shower over a bath.

vomo2, Sep 13, 5:43am
Why bother with a bath when theres some superb glass shower units available. We put a bath in, never used it.

mark.52, Sep 13, 6:02am
We redesigned our bathroom in '06, and had a builder put it together.

Shower over the bath, tiled wet areas, simple shower curtain running full length and around the end of the bath to the wall.

Toilet cistern is in the ceiling cavity; toilet can therefore be mounted a couple of inches closer to the wall. Inches count in a small bathroom.

It all looks good and works really well. We went for a type of fitting that tends not to date - Methven classic chrome taps etc, basic colours are white and chrome/stainless, with a hint of a mint green colour to the walls.

Two part-recessed cabinets (one very large, the other pretty standard over the basin) (Got to use that wall cavity space) with full mirrors built on to them.

Floor is sanded back/poly'd Matai. Door/window frames are oiled Rimu.

simeon_, Sep 14, 10:10pm
im going to go gas aswell . cheers for the advice.alot of options there.

tintop, Sep 15, 5:52am
I put in a corner spar bath, shower over, curtains hung from a ceiling track around sides away from the wall.

Great for kids, great for showers, great for two on a quiet evening with a bottle or two of chilled wine.

simeon_, Sep 16, 2:21am
Yes I see spa's up for sale second hand quite a bit on trade me.any thing to look out for buying second hand I wonder?

lissie, Sep 16, 4:33am
Don't confuse a spa with a spa bath - a spa bath is a bath with jets - you use it like a bath and empty it each time. A spa is on all the time with water in it so needs chemicals etc to keep it clean.

If you're in the market for a spa bath I'd strongly suggest you spend the money on a Englefield - they are not cheap (but Zip Plumbing in Lower Hutt has them on substantial special at the moment and this sale happens 2x a year) - but they are the best. A poor quality spa bath is a waste of time and money.

And you're need a gas continuous flow system to fill it - the 1800x 760 I just ordered takes 440 litres - and that'snot the largest in the range

tintop, Sep 16, 5:44am
The one I put in had its own heater - running hot water first gave it a head start.

simeon_, Sep 16, 6:47am
So you ordered a a spa bath .that you will have to fill each time it is used ? WhAt are they worth. ? And do you have gas hot water I'm taking it.?

lissie, Sep 17, 3:37am The Studio 2 Rectangle 1800x760 is on sale for $2300

We're installed a Gas Rinnai hot water system

biggles45, Sep 17, 3:43am
I agree, but REAs should know what sells and what doesn't. The 2 we asked said no bath can be more difficult to sell. Must admit though, our kids loved a bath. lots of bubbles and toys and so easy once they can sit up.

cagivachick1, Sep 18, 6:38am
mark out on a floor in a bigger room with masking tape the size of your bathroom then cut out shapes for the bog, bath, shower and shimmy them about to try to get the best layout, if the door opens in you may want to fit a cavity slider as well

deb821, Sep 18, 8:16am
We did shower over bath, had toilet in laundry and moved it to bathroom with small vanity, compact 193 0 home. Works ok, I agree removing baths can limit future buyers. Don't use bath much, but nice to know it's there if you need a soak in a hot bath. I know people who only have showers and then they pine for a bath cos they can't have one.

mrfxit, Sep 18, 9:17pm
Agree with the bath & shower.
With a young family, it saved us a lot of money on hot water.
(kids only sweaty is fine bathing together)
As an older person now, the bath is fabulous for a hot soak for 2 ppl or with a sore back , legs etc or to deal to a flue attack.
Also great for washing delicate blankets , pets etc.

Having a relaxing hot soak in the shower simply isn't the same.

mrfxit, Sep 26, 10:41pm
When doing the cavity slider door option, DON'T do cheap on the rails.
Cheap will bite you later.