Gardening Question on plant ideas

kiwigirl, Sep 15, 11:35pm
We have a small area outside one of the lounge windows that gets no sun at all. All day shady. What are the best plants to plant if any. Keep in mind i am not very green thumbed lol. I went and looked around the garden center but really had no idea. Thanks

koru67, Sep 16, 1:26am
Depending on the style/height you want clivias instantly spring to mind. Very low maintenance and you can get a few different colour variations.

kiwigirl, Sep 16, 1:40am
Just googled Clivias. They look good, Thanks so much

samanya, Sep 16, 4:01am
Is it dry shade or damp shade?
Ligularia, hostas (although they disappear during winter) violets, winter roses, Chatham Island Forget me Nots.

rita197, Sep 18, 9:07am
What area in NZ is the area to be planted? Your local council will have a list of plants that suit the conditions of your area. these will grow well.

rainrain1, Sep 18, 10:24am
Fuchsia might be worth a try, there are some beautiful ones

paora-tm, Sep 19, 6:34am
Impatiens don't mind the shade.

macandrosie, Sep 19, 7:44am
If you want easy care & evergreen you might like to try Choiysa Ternata (Mexican orange blossom). This is a shrub by the way.They look very nice clipped as a hedge or you can leave. I have them growing against the house on the south side & they always look neat & tidy. You can purchase them from the Warehouse & are very reasonable - price wise.

kids4ever, Sep 19, 8:07am
her profile is Hawera

kids4ever, Sep 25, 4:52pm
go to Mega Mitre stores, fantastic gardening centres, ask for help there