Help - ideas?

dolphin9, Sep 5, 5:26am
I want to make a snail home, an environment to encourage snails in a kindergarten garden. As most gardens dont wont to encourage snails I'm having trouble finding ideas online. I'm thinking a terracotta plant pot upside down. that's as far as I've got.

russell.s.c, Sep 5, 5:35am
Search - housing snails

kateley, Sep 5, 5:48am
plant some vege seedlings!

samanya, Sep 5, 6:05am
That's the one. I am happy to get rid of the buggers!
Sorry OP not much help, huh?

maclad, Sep 5, 6:32am
Maybe planting some of the things snails love to eat with terracotta pots among them Eg clivias, liriope, rengarenga for starters

4meows, Sep 5, 6:59am
Snails hate sun, so make sure the terracotta pots are in the shade. They thrive in shaded damp areas such as - large/dense/low growing plants, plank of wood against a hedge, pot plants with lips and overflowing vegetation, and as above, encourage them with tasty food.

kamsy, Sep 5, 7:57am
We have an insect hotel at work in a shady corner of the play area. It has terracotta pots, pipes, bricks, ponga logs and ferns which the snails seem to love!

dolphin9, Oct 9, 1:59pm
Yes think I'll go with a shady spot, add leaves and mulch, put driftwood, half bury a terracotta pot on its side and a few rocks and ferns.