Ideas please for Deciduous trees in sandy soil.

smoocher, Mar 18, 3:27am
Hi fellow gardeners, I need some ideas please. I want to grow a couple of deciduous trees at out beach place on the fence line.The idea is to screen the neighbours in summer, but not to hinder winter sun as we will also be spending time there in the winter months. I dont want them to be too tall, roughly 3 meters. The soil is almost all sand and very very free draining. I have had a walk around the place to see what grows, but most are evergreen and that isnt what I want for this spot. Thanks.

piquant, Mar 18, 9:10am
Maybe Melia azedarach?

summersunnz, Mar 18, 10:58am
Fruit trees, planted on the boundary so you share the fruit with your neighbour

nonumbers, Mar 18, 6:00pm
Will fruit trees stand salty wind?

smoocher, Mar 18, 8:50pm
Thanks piquant, I had thought of Indian bead tree,but Im a bit worried about the berries as I have young grandchildren, as does my neighbour. I shall keep it on the short list, as by the time the trees are dropping berries, the grandchildren wont be so young.

smoocher, Mar 18, 8:58pm
Hi summersunnz thanks for that, in my walks around the streets, I havent seen any fruit trees apart from Feijoas and the odd lemon tree. Im not sure if fruit trees can cope with the very sandy soil and the proximity to the sea.
There is what looks like some kind of wild prunus type trees, but they dont have fruit.

smoocher, Mar 18, 8:59pm
Im unsure as I havent seen any fruit trees in the area.

pauldw, Mar 18, 9:20pm
White Poplar grow like weeds at Foxton Beach and don't seem affected by salt.

smoocher, Mar 18, 9:58pm
Im wondering if Gleditsia Sunburst, would grow?

smoocher, Mar 2, 3:45pm
Or the other trees I think may grow well are Crepe Myrtles, the Indian Summer series, which are powdery mildew-resistant varieties. These flower for such a long time and are well behaved trees.