Soil Pipe Cutter

airpic, Apr 22, 8:26am
Looking for a Soil Pipe Cutter, Have asked in Farming but no luck. then asked in general and they sent me here Can anyone help me out, cant find any on here other than one new one way over priced, and another that is over priced for a second hand one, hoping to find a second hand one at a good price. Cheers

aredwood, Apr 22, 8:27am
What type of pipe are you cutting!

airpic, Apr 22, 8:31am
to be honest, i don't want to cut pipe at all, i want to mod it every so slightly and use it on rocks for art

airpic, Apr 22, 8:36am
here is a video of what it is!v=gY8HqMDOei8

rlr29, Apr 22, 9:12am
grinder and masojary disc.

airpic, Apr 22, 11:49pm
really want a broken edge not a cut edge

ira78, Apr 23, 1:28am
Chisel and a hammer!

elect70, May 12, 3:46pm
you mean claypipe cutter !. Ask an olddrainlayerhe might still have one . PVC been used for decades now . only other way ischipitall around withlittle cold chisel.