Blueberry soil - potted

rayonline_tm, Jan 10, 4:28am
Hi all,

I got a new plant since the last one died - it got too dry it was a 50/50 peat moss and orchard mix. What soil so I use for the new one?

If I use standard potting mix what about the acidity that it prefers from what I read the acidic supplement shouldn't be used in potted plants.


alfred011, Jan 10, 8:20am
A guy I know has heaps of fruiting blue berry plants, he puts mulched shredded pine tree around them to get the soil right.

wheelz, Jan 10, 9:33am
There is a Phostrogen for Acid loving plants available that you mix with water. that would be safe. Mine are in normal potting mix.

stellabellatm, Jun 16, 1:14pm
Make sure you only ever use a slow release or a liquid fert in pots, never use a powdered variety , for any plants not just blues