Wood chips as base for vege garden

gudswim, May 22, 7:09pm
We recently chipped a heap of magnolia branches and other tree branches
I'm now wanting to fill raised beds for veges. Can I use the fine chips as a base under the compost and soil etc? Do they break down at all and or have any nutrient s to add?
We are wondering if they may be harmful to the soil and plants

lythande1, May 22, 7:44pm
They will break down, how long that takes depends how finely chopped they are.
No it won't cause any harm - what do you think happens in forests and jungles when trees die and fall over?
Nutrients - well you'll still need compost and manure but it does help break up the soil nicely and give it that lovely crumbly texture.
Go ahead and put it in then add your compost, manure over it.

gudswim, May 22, 7:56pm
Great! Thanks

razell, May 24, 10:26pm
I would not put wood chips in a veggie garden.
It is my understanding that wood chips (or anything for that matter) require nitrogen to break down and veggies require nitrogen to grow.
Things grow in humus/compost which has finished decomposing and the nitrogen is available for the plants again.

smallwoods, Jan 2, 2:58pm
Correct, wood products fresh should be left to rot prior to using in the garden.
Also fresh wood can harbor bacteria that will infect your whole garden.
I use wood shavings but only after a couple of years old.