Replacement heat pump fan

lnc, Sep 23, 12:22am
Hi, are we able to buy the fan units and install them ourselves? Where would you buy them from?

macman26, Sep 23, 10:40am
Are you talking about the indoor unit or just the fan motor?

lnc, Sep 23, 7:24pm
The fan motor for the indoor unit.

johotech, Sep 23, 7:50pm
How do you know it needs replacing?
It is very uncommon for the motor to fail and need replacing.

macman26, Sep 24, 5:52am
What make and model? With the mucking around and the painful ways things are made these days may be easier to get the service agent. Or try a refrigeration guy. He may have a better idea of best places for parts.
But as above. What makes you think its the motor? I've had relays fail for fans which have been a pain to replace but never a motor.

lnc, Sep 24, 6:32am
We have had a service person tell us it needs replacing. They quoted $400 - $500. It is very noisy. The service manual looks like it is very straightforward to replace it.

johotech, Sep 24, 6:57am
Is it making kind of a rattling/vibrating noise? Sort of drumming sound?

gabbysnana, Sep 24, 7:03am
tell us?

johotech, Sep 24, 7:05am

lnc, Sep 24, 9:01am
It's just a really loud fan sound, like a worn bearing.

gabbysnana, Sep 24, 7:46pm
wouldn't pay for that diagnosis.

gabbysnana, Sep 20, 11:51pm
mine had a thermistor replacement under warranty, everything seems to just clip out with little effort. give it a go if you can find someone who will sell you the part.