Heat pump not performing well

borolad, Apr 23, 8:15am
Seems to be not heating as it should be, temperature setting not accurate, makes noises when turned off.Last time I had it on I had temp on lowest but heated room to 24.Turned it off, then back on after 30mins and only blew out cold.I've given filters a good vacuum, with no success.Don't know whether it needs a professional clean or would I be best to call out service company.What do the companies that clean actually do, any recommendations!

cantabman1, Apr 23, 10:24am
They do what you did and charge $70. get a serviceman, and if its under 3 odd years look out yr guarantee.

gabbysnana, Apr 24, 6:25am
thats because you have set the temp to low, it blows cold air, the air in the house which has got cold, the noise is it idling. dont think you are actually using it correctly.

t_naki, Apr 24, 7:17am
I would call the installing company and get them to look it over and give you a refresher on how to use the settings to best suit you.

imagine4, Apr 25, 5:23am
that's why I don't haveone.give me a good old heater any day

jhwjhw, Apr 25, 5:33am
There are very few occasions in NZ when you need set the Controller away from Heating, designated by a Snowflake - or what looks like a Star.
In this mode it will only heat, then shutdown when the desired temp is reached, restarting on a drop in temp.
It looks like you might have your controller set on auto, where it runs up to Temp, then runs in Cooling mode to bring it back down again, a case if it chasing its tail.
As a former HP Service agent, I can assure its a total Con, just like HRV, but thats another story.
All a HP Service tech will do is vacuum your filters, remove the inside unit plastic surround to vacuum the fins, remove the top of the Outside unit, cleanout the cobwebs, spray water to remove the dust buildup, reassemble the unit, give it a scrub - to make it look clean and new, then charge you $130 for all of 30min "work"
Easy money if you can get it.

t_naki, Apr 25, 5:46am
Heating is usually represented by a sun, cooling is a snow flake

mugenb20b, Apr 25, 5:55am
A "good old heater" will consume as much power as a heat pump but produce 1/4 of the heat. I'm guessing you drive a Morris Minor too!

OP, first make sure you have selected the right mode and change the batteries in your remote if they haven't been done in the last couple of years. If none of the above works, give your installer or supplier a call. Hopefully your unit is still under warranty.

kuaka, Apr 25, 11:18am
O/P your initial message is a wee bit confusing.You say you had it on the lowest setting - you mention 24 degrees.Are you saying that it heated the room to 24 but you actually had it set lower, or is 24 the lowest setting it has!

Did it switch off automatically or did you physically switch it off when it got to 24 degrees!

lilyfield, Apr 25, 11:23pm
how old is it! heatpumps do not live forever, Mine gave up after 6 years

elect70, Apr 26, 5:04am
^^ I put in an old used "Carrier ' preelctronic controlHPfree, in my own lounge & still cranking along fine .needs a squirt of gas every few yearsthats all , yet isell& instal new ones.

cantabman1, May 19, 10:56am
yeah, you probably drive a horse and cart too,and have an open fire. Gees, a heat pump will run rings around an electric heater and is more than 100% more efficient.