Consumer rights and heat pumps

tjk1001, Jul 5, 8:17pm
We installed a new heatpump 6 weeks ago, it worked for an hour, then stopped, the warranty came into effect and we waited 4 weeks for the part and to have it fitted, it has worked for 8 days, and now has stopped working again.
Feels like we got a dud of a heat pump, it's a frujitsu, installed by a professional company.
Where to we stand, I want a new one at this stage, but how many times do we give to repair? Given how long it takes to repair

gabbysnana, Jul 5, 9:00pm
only once. so you decide whether you want a new install or money back. read the cga on how to reject in writing. don't leave it too long.

vivac, Jul 5, 10:03pm
As with anything mass produced there are some "lemons". it appears you have one, a complete replacement unit will most likely be quicker to source and replace rather than parts as some companies don't keep spares in the country.
Fujitsu are usually pretty good, I have two at home and have never had a problem.
What went wrong the first time?

tjk1001, Nov 30, 8:43am
Some electrical board wasn't working, and now all the lights are flashing and nothing is going on. I will ring them tomorrow and see if we can get the whole unit replaced.