Water pump for house water not working properly

chookpan, Jul 18, 5:56am
We have been away for three weeks and while away we had extreme hard frosts. We are on pump system for our water to the house. That is when we turn tap on the pump automatically kicks in. Water was frozen when we arrived home but has since come right until today. No frosts for couple of days but pump works then stops and then we have to wait for maybe an hour or less or more before it comes right again. Not sure if it plumber job or electrician. Anyone know what the problem could be please.

ryanm2, Jul 18, 5:59am
air locks? god knows, if the pump is operating then i would start with a plumber / whoever installed the system.

bill1451, Jul 18, 6:22am
Is it a centrifugal or reciprocating pump, either way you probably need to bleed the pump, I.e. undo the bung and make sure there is water in there.
I never cease to be amazed by the number of people living on lifestyle blockswho know little about how things work.

chookpan, Jul 18, 6:29am
We are not on a lifestyle block but on the edge of a town. We are connected to a rural water supply and have only been in the house a short period of time and this is the first time this has happened. Sorry we are so green.

macman26, Jul 18, 7:46am
Have you got water in your tank? Do you have a pressure (bladder) tank? Do you have a pressure gauge on the pump or nearby? If you do as you turn on the tap the pressure gauge should drop then the pump start. See if you can take a picture of the pump setup on post on here.

chookpan, Jul 18, 8:32am
Going to check it all out tomorrow. Thanks

aredwood, Jul 18, 11:38am
Motor might have an auto reset thermal cutout. Which means pump works at first. Motor overheats and stops. Motor cools down and works again. Check that the cooling fan is not filled with dust ect. But it could be shorted windings in the motor. If this is the case then pump will need to be replaced.

lythande1, Jul 18, 7:35pm
Get someone with experience in pumps - usually a plumber but not all do them.

mack77, Jul 19, 1:17am
You are most likely to need a plumber to diagnose the cause of the problem and most plumbers in small rural towns should be well experienced in water pump problems.
It may be worth thermally insulating the parts of the system that freeze, as freezing of water can result in expensive damage.

mack77, Jul 19, 1:30am
After reading your posting again, it sounds as if the pump motor is drawing too much current and it is then tripping the thermal cut-out which then resets itself after an hour or so when it cools down. I'm not sure if this is what is happening since normally the pump motor has a small rubber covered button on it that you manually push to reset the thermal cutout.
More information may help in the diagnosis e.g. pump brand/model no., pressure tank or electronic pressure controller?, any electrical contactors in the system or motor just plugged into a 3 pin outlet?

bill1451, Jul 19, 5:57am
Some of these small pump systems now are more sophisticated than they need to be and are outside the scope of some people, gone are the days when it was just a simple pressure switch, now at every opportunity , any excuse to fill something that should be simple, no lets fill it up with silicon chips and so called smart technology, no 8 wire fix it has gone.

elect70, Nov 16, 11:09pm
Mine froze & cracked the cast housing . bought new pump & getting old 1 ( good quality ) brazed up as spare . New stuff isnt as good a quality even some well known brands are now cheaply made in china .