Fujitsu heat pump error codes ?

tintop, Aug 9, 10:12pm
Anyone got a listing of these please ?

Fujitsu model AGTV14LAC

Timer + Operation led's
5 simultaneous flashes then pause, . repeats.

I have downloaded the Fujitsu mobile phone tech manual - but cant install as it needs a cd card in the phone, and I have not been able to locate the error code listing for that particular model on the web.

johotech, Aug 9, 10:59pm
Possibly a compressor fault. Have you tried switching it off for a few minutes to reset it?

tintop, Aug 9, 11:18pm
Yep - pressed all the buttons, switched off and on, waited, waited, more buttons and switching again, more waiting. :) Internal louvers open, and fan spins as on low setting.
No life at all from the box outside.

But not so urgent now - the sun is warm :)

I have logged a fault with the installer, and the warranty still has over 5 years to run. So not too concerned, just interested in deciphering the code.

tintop, Aug 9, 11:30pm
Well, well - I just tried to start the thing up again after having the isolating switch off for a couple of hours - Bingo! Its going.

But the service call will stay logged.

gabbysnana, Aug 10, 1:55am
The code is a compressor error you will find it with a simple google search Fujitsu error codes

tintop, Oct 31, 6:58am
As I said, I have tried - but not found anything for the particular model.
For other models the code points to the compressor, including one that says the compressor is not in position.

Send me the link if you can find the fault for the model. :)