Fridge techs - Can R22 heat pump be installed?

daryl14, Oct 3, 6:11am
I have a small industrial R22 heat pump sitting in back of my shed. Would have been decommissioned near 15 year ago. Just wondering if it's worth selling. I see there are lads on here selling R22 gas so I assume it is still in use?

gabbysnana, Oct 3, 7:29pm
More value from the scrap metal man.

johotech, Oct 3, 9:21pm
Of course it is possible that it could be installed, but why anyone would want to install a unit that old is doubtful. New units are cheap, more efficient and more reliable.

If it still has gas in it, you need to take it to a refrigeration mechanic who has a need for R22 and the equipment to remove it. That probably won't be any of the companies who are only installing new units. You would have to ring around to find someone to do that. Releasing the gas is highly illegal.

Once the gas is removed, you could strip down the unit and take the coils, copper and steel to a scrap dealer. Might be up to $100 worth of scrap depending on how big the unit is.

Other than that you could list it with a $1 reserve - but you need to know if it has been decommissioned properly and it still has gas in it for it to be worth anything.

daryl14, Oct 3, 11:13pm
No gas in it.

mrfxit, Sep 12, 7:57pm
Then scrap it is.
No gas means no pressure except static air which will have probably been causing rust in the pipes