Leaky roof question and insurance

paua78, Jun 17, 10:28pm
Total newbie here so apologies if this is a silly question. And I will try and ring insurance company later if need be.

If you have an old place, oldish roof and it looks like it could be leaking (some mould starting to appear on ceiling in bedroom), that's NOT usually covered by house insurance is it ?

(We have just had crazy rain and flooding in our town recently)

arielbooks, Jun 17, 10:39pm
No this is general wear and as such is seen as a maintenance issue.

merrigj, Jun 17, 10:52pm
For it to be an insurance issue the leak would have to be linked to an event which caused it.

lythande1, Jun 18, 3:14am
No. You can try.

d.snell, Dec 13, 6:05pm
Some companies have a payment for damage caused gradual damage. We had a leaking pipe behind the Hot Water cylinder, that was discovered when we did some alterations. Looked as though it had been leaking for years. It meant that we had extra work to the flooring structure to rectify the damage. While the repair to the pipe wasn't covered, the subsequent damage caused by the leak was. This was capped at $1500, but still went a fair way to cover it. That was AMI Insurance, so why not ask? All they can say is No.