Question for Garden Guru's

cantabman1, Mar 31, 7:10pm
Each year I battle with a white fungi/mould on swan plants i am growing for next season, with a 30% loss. I spray anti fugal,and water them only in the mornings, but battle to keep them from being over come.
They are in a sunny spot on racks facing North. What else can I do

lythande1, Apr 1, 12:51am
Powdery or downy mildew can be controlled, you can spray with copper every 2 weeks, and over winter too - the spores over winter in soil and bark.

books4nz, Apr 2, 11:48am
Try mixing 2 tablespoons white vinegar with 2 litres water. spray that over - vinegar kills mould and prevents it recurring.

cantabman1, Apr 2, 7:14pm
I will try that, and thank you . I have pulled all my remaining Toms out overcome with the same problem, but like your idea very much.

harrislucinda, Apr 2, 8:00pm
its the warm then damp nights that cause this so try as above

nchun, Apr 2, 11:18pm
Just a thought, are you sure its a fungal disease? Mealy bug infestation has the appearance of white fungal infestation so spraying with fungal spray obviously won't have any affect (you already spray without result). Cheers!

cantabman1, Feb 15, 7:06am
It is a white fungus powder look on the leaves, and plants are now looking better after the last spray, although i will try the white vinegar in the future.