Garden sheds

serf407, May 2, 10:13pm
What is the strongest garden shed on the market?

budgel, May 2, 10:53pm
A custom built one.

koru67, May 3, 12:27am
We had one built by Garys Garden Sheds (based at East Tamaki) at our last property. They did a fantastic job and it was a very strong shed, not like the flimsy kitset one we have now. I would highly recommend them.

tintop, May 3, 12:27am
Yes indeed :)

Best thing is to look around Mitre 10 and such places.
Some look just ok, others I would be very careful to lean my barrow against the walls :)

How big to you want it?
Why 'strong' ? Valuables inside, or heavy stuff leaning/hanging on the walls ?

anne1955, May 3, 7:48am
And do you get much wind where it's going to be? Yes lay one night listening to ripping metal as mine dismantled it's self. But we do get terrible winds blowing through here. Shed was saveable but needed panel beating ;) Moved it now was a total pain and yes anchored as it should be. Took an old wring washing machine with it, and they weight pretty heavy. Left lou sitting there and bugger never got a photo I was so upset at time didn't think to take one. Was a lou with a view. But at time wasn't funny.

tintop, May 3, 9:03am
hehe - The east wind got our pump shed, blew it to bits. Also bent the standpipe on the hot water cylinder right down to the roof. Without the standpipe at full height - the water started flowing and the pump started up when the power came back on.

The water from the standpipe ran down the roof to the guttering to the downpipe to the tank that fed the pump and to .

serf407, May 3, 7:14pm
Thank you for the information. Yes, it can be windy location, I intend to trubolt the shed to a (edit - 'thick precast') concrete slab.

stevo2, May 3, 8:05pm
I put down a slab for a Bunnings shed in and open paddock for a water pump.
The sparkeys installed the pump and shed. A few weeks later there were some very strong winds and the whole lot was strewn over the paddock apart from the bottom runner which was still nicely trubolted to the floor.

kwm30, May 3, 11:01pm
yip. mate at work had the same thing happen to him. the slab cost more than the piece of crap papier-mâch shed.
he now has a 10 foot shipping container on the slab.

tintop, Jan 18, 9:53pm