Cats in the garden , anyway of

quillta1, Apr 4, 9:02pm
Keeping them from crapping in my freshly composted garden. It is driving me nuts. I have been renovating my whole garden which is quite and area and all the local cats including ours are using it as a toilet. Is there some sort of stuff that cats hate to put in there?

quillta1, Apr 5, 12:50am
Thanks jills3, I will try some of those

les6, Apr 5, 5:34am
warning shot from a .22 rifle between the eyes,use subsonic and moderator,no one will hear you.

comadi, Apr 5, 8:28am
Ter right !

Their called 'Turners'
They turn cat food into cat Crap and the deposit in your garden.

pretinha, Apr 6, 7:20am
I have the same question. Its craps all over my lawn. More than ofter kids get shit on their feet or toys. Have seen the cat a few times and scare him away, but for some reason it comes back. Its not compost, its just Lawn, so doesnt get covered or anything like that.

family007, Apr 10, 8:34pm
You sure it was cat poo? Hedgehog poos look remarkably similar.

koru67, Apr 11, 12:32am
Yes agreed, most often blackish in colour. Hedgehog poop still appearing on our lawn at the moment. Unusual for a cat to poop on a lawn, it would normally go to a garden etc where it can cover it up. Also could be possum poo . ickkk!

lythande1, Feb 7, 11:06pm
They hate 1)Plants 2)Compacted soil 3)anything that stops them digging in lovely soft to the paws stuff.

Why not just think of it as extra manure, not the best NPK but won't hurt either.