Summer Veg Garden was shocking this year

jan2242, Apr 8, 11:05pm
No idea why as every year I have great success with my crops of beans & tomatoes. This year 6 tomato plants - 1 only lived and that has only now produced 3 tomatoes. I am stunned I have had to buy tomatoes in the summer which is a first for me. The beans which usually last 3 months did 3 weeks at the most! has anyone else had a bad season? All prep was done as normal so I blame the weather? So disappointed as I depend on the excess for freezing, pickles etc for the winter.

herc18, Apr 8, 11:31pm
I grow tomatoes in a different spot each year and add sulphur to produce a good crop, had a great crop although my beans produced not much.

tigra, Apr 8, 11:40pm
You are in Wellsford - was the climate a bit warmer this year with less rainfall? We had a bumper season with good crops except Passionfruit. We had a warmer Summer but more wind than usual.

loukirby, Apr 9, 12:15am
I had a good crop of everything, even capsicums which is a first. Got sick of tomatoes - never thought I would ever say that. I was a bit slack on the watering side but got really good crops either way.

oh_hunnihunni, Apr 9, 1:07am
I grew different beans this year, and had an amazing crop, still going if I wasn't drying them off for seed now. White flowered runners and four plants filled my fridge and my freezer picking daily, I'll never grow another variety. The tomatoes though were slow to start and my courgettes were pathetic.

Can't have everything though eh?

jayemtoo, Apr 9, 1:19am
Have never had any success with melons but this year several self sown plants came up and they have actually produced melons - both watermelons and a couple of other types as well.
As I have been away quite a bit the plants have been totally neglected most of the time and certainly not much water.

Tomatoes have been a different story though with rather pathetic crop, they certainly didn't like being neglected lol

lythande1, Apr 9, 2:44am
Slow start. but we had loads of tomatoes, so many beans I froze them, gave them away then got sick of them and pulled the plants out.
Capsicums still going happily.
But we did water. a lot. Hot and dry, you must water them.

maccachic1, Apr 9, 3:01am
Too warm in Tauranga for mine as well - everything bounced back once temp dropped am considering shade cloth next year only its outside my bedroom window. Ours are on auto irrigation

summersunnz, Apr 9, 11:37am
Tomatoes and beans barely grew here. nothing on the beans, a few tiny tomatoes. Fruit trees did well though.

buzzy110, Apr 9, 9:13pm
I'm not sure what you mean by prep but have you been checked the ph (acidity/alkalinity) balance of your soil? Acid soil has a profound effect on crops.

cantabman1, Apr 10, 2:50am
Great season for me in CH Ch, beans are still producing well with no sign of die off yet. Toms were ok , but got fungus and bugs early new year after cropping, even got some green peppers grown late from seed.

sanders4, Feb 8, 2:07pm
Best season ever for us on North Shore, first tomatoes on plate 1/12 and subsequent plants still fruiting. Have a water tank for garden and use nitrophoska blue, kale plants were so tall that they looked like miniature cabbage trees!