Garden sharing

mrsoeofish, Jun 2, 6:21am
As i was weeding the jungle (veg garden) this afternoon I got to thinking.
I'm not really a gardener but have intermittant bursts of enthuse which have seen crops of carrots, peas, spuds, dwarf beans, silverbeet, beetroot, corn, lettuce, tomatoes, runner beans and zucchini come and go.
My late husband was a veg gardener, and we - I - have 4 slightly raised beds with good soil, good accessibility and realistically if they were all planted and producing I couldn't cope with the bounty. I also don't have the nous to know what to plant when.
So I was thinking, I wonder if there are folk that would like to have a veg garden but for one reason or another, haven't got one, and would they be interested in sharing mine?
Has anyone tried this?
How would I find interested people? Would I be opening myself up for pitfalls?
Your thoughts would be welcomed.

kvman., Jun 4, 1:58am
what a great idea. my old uncle in chch does just that. he is too old to care for his garden properly and a couple next door don't have enough room. they share the crops. it works really well
what area are you in?

mrsoeofish, Jun 5, 8:08am

bluefrog2, Dec 22, 5:15pm
You could have a chat with your local community group centre or volunteering organisation. In Dunedin, there are several groups that focus on community gardening, some involving training youth in gardening skills. There might be something similar in your area - and if you work through a community group, there should be more safety for you since the group should be responsible for things like background/safety checks on their people