Wanting to plant a herb garden now in chch

catlover7, Apr 22, 3:44am
Any idea what will grow well please and am I best to plant seeds or seedlings ? Thanks

samanya, Apr 22, 6:51am
I'd plant what you are likely to use. The basics like parsley, sage, thyme, rosemary, chives etc. If you want instant, buy plants, it's getting late enough for seeds, but they should grow as we haven't had too much cold weather yet. Your call really.

brightlights60, Apr 23, 9:27am
We have a vertical planter, bought off here, its 5 tiered and goes in our large porch. Just filling it now with herbs from good old Red Shed for over winter. We grow lettuces fine there too. If you are putting stuff in the garden, whatever you can buy from garden centres (basically what they sell at this time of year) will grow, but you may need to cover for frosts, or use the minuture tunnel houses or cloches you can buy from places like the Warehouse.

bluefrog2, Apr 23, 9:57pm
With perennials like rosemary, mint and thyme, it's better to buy a small plant, or seedlings in punnets and plant from that. Parsley, chives and basil are best sown as seed. Spring onions do better than chives in my Dunedin garden.
Thyme will self seed baby plants now and then. Look out for the babies to transplant, or propagate by dividing the original plant. Bay should be bought as a small shrub. They grow fairly slowly, and you want the bush to have a nice shape right from the beginning.

jbsouthland, Apr 23, 10:25pm
Contain your mint in a container sooo it doesn't rule the roost in a few years time .

catlover7, Jan 23, 1:06am
Ok thanks I'll go have a nosy as some plant shops :)