Replacing a heat pump

sirdc, Mar 15, 7:41am
We have a fairly old heat pump that is well under sized for the lounge. It is a fairly straight forward task to replace with a newer slightly more powerful version?

Hoping the install costs will be minimal or do they have to replace absolutely everything in between?

smalltrader2, Mar 15, 7:51am
It should be more straight forward when compared to first time installation as the pipe hole in the wall would have been there. You will have to replace the whole system usually. Assuming it is a split system, you have to replace both the compressor unit outdoor and the fan unit indoor. Get a few quotes from reputable electricians specialised in heat pumps.

johotech, Mar 15, 7:52am
Well the pipes will have to be replaced at least because of the different gas used now, and contamination from the old oil. The power from the switchboard should be able to be used and possibly the wiring between indoor and outdoor units.

The cost should be less than a full new installation.

t_naki, Mar 15, 8:09am
I agree with johotech on this one. You will need to replace the pipes and the system but most likely the electrical will be OK. It will still need to be checked out, especially if you are putting in a larger system, but the sparky will do that when he connects it all up.

If you are unsure about the size then have a look at the link below. It may save you from being sweet talked by a salesman into a system that is too small.

merrigj, Mar 5, 9:10am
I think the overall cost would be more as you need to responsibly de gas and dispose of the old one.