Truffula flowers

hi guys! does anyone know where i can get these! ive searched on here but nothing :(

jess46, Mar 28, 5:43 am

arent they only in Dr Seuss books!
lol. oh actually they are Truffula trees.

wendalls, Mar 28, 8:21 pm

lol no they are real.i saw them on pinterest but was unsure if they were stocked here :)

jess46, Mar 29, 8:30 am

Google doesn't bring up ant real truffula flowers!

wheelz, Mar 29, 8:48 am

Maybe it's a name some give to flowers that look like the ones in dr Seuss! But not actually their real name!

wheelz, Mar 29, 8:50 am

can you put up the link, jess46!

kateley, Mar 29, 12:09 pm

fleur59, Mar 29, 12:12 pm

A bit early for April fools day

wheelz, Mar 29, 3:10 pm

spiritofgonzo, Mar 29, 4:09 pm

Those are alliums aren't they!

oh_hunnihunni, Mar 29, 5:19 pm

jess46, Mar 30, 1:12 pm

you are a legend! thank you so much!.now ive gotta find them lol

jess46, Mar 30, 1:14 pm

Onions. Fancy ones, lol. They've bred some ornamental stunners, but truthfully onion flowers are just as much fun. They have this glorious papery witches hat that pops off the bud as the flower head opens. And then they form seed and you get a whole field of onion seedlings from just one head. Worth planting those sprouters from the bottom of the vegie drawer.

oh_hunnihunni, Mar 30, 2:48 pm

they look fake to me

spiritofgonzo, Mar 30, 5:50 pm

I was dying to find some too! Truffula flowers was a nick name - google instead "giant allium flower" for some win.

friend, Apr 16, 3:55 am

Where can I purchase these??

guest, Jun 29, 11:30 am

blossom_cottage_, Jul 12, 11:43 am