Corner bricks problem

nondescript, Mar 14, 10:13pm
We are getting a brick house built . Where the corner butts up to the windows on a right angle to each other , the building company says because the bricks would need cut to fit , it's not legal to do that and we have to have coloured steel flashing :( does anyone know if this is true please ? Tia

budgel, Mar 14, 10:36pm
Brickies have been cutting bricks since bricklaying began.

It sounds like the issue is weatherproofing, not cut bricks.

nondescript, Mar 15, 12:41am
That's what I wondered . Surely if they are well weather proofed they can continue cutting bricks too ! But was told this is now not legal . Thx

carter19, Mar 15, 1:54am
If you are unhappy ring your local brick and block layers assn and ask then for the correct information

kandjaja, Mar 15, 5:36am
I'm picking its too hard for the brickie! A flashing is easier for him. Worth checking that with the council.

mm12345, Mar 15, 7:01am
Hollow bricks - and you've got a window close to an internal corner in the cladding? Or are you talking about a normal window reveal?

survivalkiwi, Mar 15, 7:06am
A pic would help.

sparkyz, Mar 15, 7:57pm

nondescript, Mar 16, 7:39am
Hiya yes thanks , that's exactly right !

mm12345, Mar 16, 9:15am
So if that skinny little column of brick only glued together with a bit of mortar and held to the framing with a few flimsy tiebacks, do you think that over time, given normal ground movement, wind, or a little eq or two, that it will 100% for sure stop water ingress from rotting out the studs in the corner - which are holding up the roof of your house?

tweake, Mar 4, 5:42am
brick is only decoration and stops bulk water from going in. it doesn't and never will, stop all the water. there is water membranes inside.