What do u feed your worm farm

hotstuff111, Mar 16, 5:55am
im so excited just set up a worm farm what dont you put in at and what is the best thing to go in thanks

korban, Mar 16, 7:10am
All our vege scraps, tea bags. Worms are not keen on citrus or onions. We don't put in egg shells, they take a long time to break down. No meat as the meat can attract rodents. Don't keep the worm farm in full sun all day otherwise you will cook your worms.

max10, Mar 16, 7:12am
watermelon is great for getting more worms its like candy to them just make sure its a smallish peice to one side or in a corner if you have a square worm farm, ours get feed on vege peelings, crushed egg shells, the lover pizza boxes, just dont put meat, fish,dairy, onions or citris, but other than that anything goes really, cut big peices of food up into little peices as they will munch through it quicker

firefly001, Mar 16, 9:23am
I chucked the stuff out of the lux bag in the other day, hope my wee friends like it

bluefrog2, Mar 16, 9:50am
Coffee grounds too. I put in crushed egg shells as well. They don't break down completely, but do add calcium to the mix and will be good for my plants as well when I harvest the worm casts.
I don't put in anything that is obviously mouldy (fruit / bread) in case it poisons the worms - but not sure if that's really necessary.

EDIT: Shredded newspaper is great if the worm bin is getting too wet or starting to smell.

arabelle, Mar 16, 3:23pm
the worms like to use egg shells as the nursery for the baby worms, so I throw some half ones in as well as crushed. they get all the rabbit droppings/ hay bits n pieces and turn it into a fantastic 'soil'

geesmum, Mar 16, 7:18pm
Agree with all the above! Mine love coffee grounds, egg shells, and banana skins. They especially love corrugated cardboard for baby worms and I add damp shredded newspaper when they are a bit stinky. '
Have fun!

pommyjohn1, Mar 16, 11:14pm
A good tip given to me was to cover the top surface with a piece of old carpet and try to keep this damp.

hotstuff111, Mar 17, 4:33am
thanks i think im going to move it out of full sun it was very warm today

korban, Mar 17, 5:43am
Once a month I add a handful of dolomite lime.

crackerjack19, Mar 18, 6:39am
I am a great advocate of worm farms and have had one - - or two for many years. One thing I have learned - - - NEVER think all is cruzy as just a simple mistake can wreck the farm completely, and kill all the worms. One NO-No is never put any thing in the farm that can ferment, and never put in large amounts of lawn clippings even if you are desperate for worm food. An occasional litre of water poured over the food will always prove useful.

matthews4, Mar 18, 6:45am
I put in comfrey and herbs from vege garden, they love tomato. Vege peelings from the kitchen. Also put cow poo in when stock are in paddock next to house. NEVER put in bread, cake, (give to birds) meat. I have a cast iron bath worm farm - will have to sell, when we move. I put lots newspaper on top, then plastic, to keep them dry, then a bit of underfelt, to keep them warm. Have had it for years. Get lots of worm wee, and vermicast. Great hobby.

wendalls, Mar 18, 6:53am
The worm population in mine is very depleted and i dont think i kept it moist and dark enough. I rarely feed it as not enough worms. No worm tea ever. The scraps sit for ages. I too wonder about fruit and veg that has nasty looking spores growing out of it. That could have been a killer. Yep i will try a bit of wet carpet , and pick out bad stuff.

janzvanz, Mar 19, 1:05am
I feed mine all of the above plus some dry leaves from the garden and they did well, but I had an infestation of earwigs last winter and then I thought the worm numbers declined quite a bit . would the earwigs eat the worms? Are they carnivores? Thanks

crackerjack19, Mar 20, 9:12am
I have giant slugs in my farms that I keep supplying the birds with. There is no way to get rid of them as like the worms they continually lay eggs which hatch. It is important to keep farm dark and moist but not airless the worms must have air. I find that one thing that the worms love is the shells of Avocado and the flesh if they go off.

sonja2, Mar 20, 10:32am
Mine love pumpkin, melons, marrows and coffee.

hotstuff111, Mar 21, 8:26am
thanks love the advice just got to remember to keep feeding

-weasel-, Mar 21, 10:31pm
Worms actually love mold and the bacteria that helps break food down.

-weasel-, Mar 21, 10:31pm
Here is a group I am a part of the people are very helpful and their file section has a great selection of advice


bev00, Feb 26, 3:52pm
great worm farm advice