Pump sucking in air

happychappy50, Oct 25, 11:18pm
Hi all,my house supply pump is sucking in air,checked fittings & apart from replacing intake pipe & fittings to inlet is there anything else that would cause this? There is plenty of water in the tank,I have recharged it several times today & is ok for a while before pressure drops because of air in the pump.The washer to to the inlet where you can fill the pump appears to be ok . Pump is 10 months old.Thanks

pettal, Oct 25, 11:39pm
are you sucking out of a well or holding tank ? .

d.snell, Oct 26, 12:33am
It's probably a self priming pump and losing the pressure in the inlet system and dropping it's head. Most have a non-return valve on the foot of the inlet pipe to keep water to the pump and this is probably jammed open or worn. You need to clear or replace it. If it's difficult or not possible, a non-return valve on the inlet to the pump will probably fix it as well.

happychappy50, Oct 26, 2:38am
Thanks Guys, sucking from a tank underground,yes has a door valve which possibly has seen better days,will replace that as I had issues some time ago & I did suspect it could have been the foot valve,anyway,have taken apart all the fittings retaped & see what happens.The tank has a slight leak as the bladder has been perforated & as it is under ultra floor panels & 100 mm of concrete & a cow to get to I have a back up 25k tank out in the paddock,would rather utilise the water underground before it leaks away & retain what I can in the outside tank.thanks again guys

nzjay, Aug 20, 3:55pm
If the foot valve is under water constantly as you say, It cant be sucking air there. The foot valve is to hold water in the suction pipe when the pump stops so as to keep the pump primed.