Keeping hot air from rising up a staircase, help!

jodie-mike, Apr 21, 6:14am
Hi all,
we have a staircase rising up from the middle of our living room to our 2nd floor above.
I am trying to think of ways to keep the heat down and not escaping up, the staircase design doesnt allow for a door to be fitted as it is around 1200mm wide with the stairs themselves only being 1000mm, it just wouldnt work.
Any others with the same problem and suggestions as to what can fix it!

jag5, Apr 21, 6:41am
Put a fan in an appropriate place and push theheat back down.

b-rowdy, Apr 21, 6:57am
Only think I can think of that doesnt use power is the rangi style hang a blanket up! Hardly glamorous though, sorry :)

wilco65, Apr 21, 8:02am

magrador, Apr 21, 9:03am
A trapdoor at the top of the stairs.

bugin, Apr 21, 11:16am
We have stairs and a mezzanine floor and a 3 bladed fan can only just cope with keeping the upper floor from over cooking but needs to be on all the time our log fire is alight.
Maybe a system similar to HRV would work but you need duct the hot air to the coldest rooms downstars.

golfaholic2, Apr 21, 6:24pm
Drives ya nuts huh .been there and got the t-shirt .a few walls and a door worked .

tmenz, Apr 21, 9:55pm
Use a planar fan heater on 'fan-only' at ceiling level to create an air curtain across the opening.

rsr72, Apr 21, 11:43pm
#1- Impossible to solve without the house looking like a prison.
The problem has been with man since the Romans invented 2 storey houses.

jodie-mike, Apr 23, 5:44am
I might have to resort to a curtain.but I will try and make it look as nice as possible!

russ18, Apr 23, 5:49am
You could put up a sign.

red45, May 12, 5:06pm
Read about this the other day , you need to have the fan at the appropriate angle too.sympathies