Air conditioner in car has stopped working

borolad, Dec 17, 10:38am
Any simple fixes that I could try before taking to a mechanic!Cheers

mm12345, Dec 17, 10:43am
You could post the question *with more information* in the motoring forum.
Possible causes are blown fuse, blown fan resistor, fan belt come off, electrical fault, compressor stuffed, or all the refrigerant has leaked out, and probably other things I forgot to mention.

eezy1, Dec 17, 6:00pm
try using the windows

lythande1, Dec 17, 6:49pm
LOL eezy1, all my cars have had dead aircon. The manual method works just fine, wind down window.

tmenz, Dec 17, 7:39pm
It's knocked off for Christmas - should start again early january.

lilyfield, Dec 17, 7:44pm
Save petrol and do without.

tigra, Dec 17, 9:38pm
Try the fuses first. Especially if it was working alright previously.Sometimesstart up after a long lay off (winter or importing from Japan) is the issue. That and hoses that have perished.

kcc55a, Dec 17, 9:41pm
Thats pretty much a fallacy. While theoretically the engine has to work slightly harder to drive an aircon, in practice it doesnt add stuff all to your weekly fuel bill.You probably waste more fuel waiting at traffic lights.

wheelz, Dec 17, 9:44pm
You have many places that deal with auto air con in Christchurch. Take it in, they can do a simple test and see if it has a leak or is just needing regassing. Here, the test is free, they will give you the costs for any work needing to be done. My son had his car regassed for around $50, if my memory is correct, certainly not a bank breaker anyway.
No point going back into the dark ages to have a cool car this summer !

kcc55a, Dec 17, 10:00pm
$50 sounds very good -Its usually cost me around $120

mm12345, Dec 17, 10:58pm
Even $120 is probably pretty good.
If you want to avoid re-gassing and/or other expensive repairs, turn your A/C on and run it for a few minutes each week.
The A/C on my 1988 Safari still works perfectly, touch wood.

reggienz, Dec 18, 12:46am
Kcc55a is correct. The running of an air conditioner in the car actually uses less extra fuel than winding down the windows which causes extremely bad aerodynamics, there fore making the engine work harder to keep the car moving

elect70, Dec 18, 4:21am
rubbishurban mythA/C takes3-5 HP to run,. Very little on it is userrepairableaprt from fuse

shiyo, Dec 18, 5:24am
yip could be a simple regas.mine has done the compresser about $1000 to fix. So it will be the windows for me. We have already had some hot days and i am missing it badly

dibble35, Dec 18, 7:39am
Was gonna cost me $99 to get tested and regassed, but when they tested they found two holes in ! and needed to get 2 new parts, was gonna cost $700 ish so i said no dont bother,

vivac, Dec 18, 8:54am
Depends on the speed you are travelling.

kcc55a, Dec 18, 8:29pm
And the size of the car's engine.

mm12345, Dec 18, 9:44pm
And how hot it is outside, and how cool you want it to be inside.

steptoe72, Dec 20, 3:08pm
My van has two air con units. can be 28+ outside. .and -2 inside.I tell you its a bloody shock to the body getting out and in. .just get you gas checked