Air nail-gun problem

masturbidder, Mar 14, 9:37am
Anyone know about Pneumatic nailguns (Bostich)?
It blows air out of the valve under the trigger all the time, and the plunger will fire out once and stay there until air supply is disconnected.
Any ideas about where to start, or links to a manual, would be appreciated.

sanders4, Mar 14, 8:39pm
Service by air shop may be in order here!

budgel, Mar 14, 10:44pm
These guys have schematics for all models:

easygoer, Mar 15, 7:36am
The most common problem with air guns is the firing valve in the top cover, remove the cover and look for a broken top seal

skin1235, Mar 15, 7:51am
service time as above, theres 3 Orings in the trigger assembly, and one of yours is no longer a ring, it will not be as simple as reach into your selection and get one that will fit though, Senco do it too, a service fixes it, check you only use airgun oil in it or thin hydraulic oil, most others eat Orings

masturbidder, Mar 15, 8:00am
Thanks guys, that's a good start.

tweake, Mar 5, 11:06am
as above failed o rings, but i often find this is due to excessive oil being used.
trip the safety and hold the trigger down when you plug the air hose in.