Zehnder air exchange and the rest

ang_ck, Jun 20, 11:40am
Rather than "hijacking" someone post on Smartvent, HRV and DVS, i know that Zehnder is the "Ferrari" of the heat exchange system.
If you have one, is it worth it? How much does it cost to change the filter?
If you about to get one, how did you come to your decision?
Is there other brand that out there that does the similar function?

tweake, Jun 20, 12:13pm
not sure if you will find anyone here with one. i suspect there is very few of these installed here.

there is other brands, everything from Mitsubishi, dvs, cleanaire and a few others i can't recall the name. theres plenty available.

is this going in a standard house? or have you built something special?

ang_ck, Jun 20, 9:28pm
@tweake, new build.
I read that Mitsubishi Lossnay fresh air ventilation has the same function.

tweake, Jun 21, 4:33pm
if the house is a new typical minimum spec house then i would be inclined to get a blower door test done before spending big dollars on top end ventilation setup.
this will tell you if a balanced system is even worth doing in the first place, and if it is i would not go to the top end brands unless its down to passive house standard or less, which i highly doubt tho its not impossible.

ang_ck, Jul 16, 11:05pm
@tweake, good point, blower door test is easy to do and I agree what you said.