Zucchini - flowering but dropping flowers ?

courtney2004, Jan 31, 6:09am
I have raised beds and 1 is a large bed what is happening is a little hard to explain but on one side of the X shaped raised garden bed the flowers are coming but not opening 100% and then when you touch the flower or wind infact does it the flower bud "drops" off like its not attached! Same seeds were sown on the other side of the X and plants are loving it and producing some Zucchini what could be causing this. In terms of icing or crafts its like the glue or icing has not set correctly on the section between the but and stalks. Plants are lovely and big and healthy and like i said same seeds on both sides of the raised bed. Any advise would be wonderful I was looking forward to our 30 plus plants producing.

gardie, Jan 31, 7:07am
Maybe the bees are not attracted to that side of the garden the same and so the flowers are not polinated which leads to fruit/flower drop.If you don't think this is the case then I am wondering if perhaps your plants are tooo wet in that part of the garden.

courtney2004, Jan 31, 9:35am
Well they get the sun first in the morning before the other side. Water wise well the bed has a sprinkler in the middle. I must say tho I thought about the bees and spoke to the bee keeper when he was in yesterday about the lack of the friends and he has put another hive in now LOL! but have seen many bumbles around the Zucchini's. I noticed tonight when I went and had a good look again trying to give words of encouragement to the plants that even the flowers that are just buds tend to drop off clean at the base of the flower. I noticed the leaves are a little curled but then also a little batted as before the flowers appears the leaves were hailed on one night with like pea size hail stones.

courtney2004, Feb 1, 7:04am
I am starting to think if this could be caused by over crowding! they are a bit closer than prehaps should be!

barbiedoll, Feb 1, 7:58pm
One of my workmates was complaining of the same thing yesterday.

courtney2004, Feb 2, 6:46am
YAY! I have established the next lot of flowers are infact coming from the base of the plant! and one or two of the flowers are infact anchored and forming Zucchini. I had a friend over this morning and she said hers always does this but she as a very bumber crop at in the end!

guest, Oct 10, 11:43pm
I must have the worst home ever ;) I have no plants or flroews in my home. Well, fresh flroews are quite expensive here in Finland and I have no windowsill in my apartment... And on the tables they are way too far from the daylight... And I don't like keeping plants or flroews on the floor. So many excuses and all true ;)

guest, Oct 13, 8:12pm
Hello,I just discovered your blog today and I ptpomrly added it to the blogs I follow. It is just beautiful. And I agree about wishing for a garden. It is summertime where I live in Portland, Oregon USA, but I live in an apartment and alas am sans flowers of my own. Thank you for the beautiful blog - I look forward to keeping up with it!

guest, Jun 2, 1:47am
In Norway (where I sit and enjoy reading your blog) the peneos have just faded and the roses have starting to bloom. Summer is at its peak. To think it is winter on your side of the world.... Every season has its beauty,and winter can be lovely too. (Especially when there is a flower shop nearby to brighten the days.)