What would stop roses flowering?

mushroom990, Jan 30, 9:16pm
They should all be in flower now. So I am asking rose people if they have any ideas.

stevee6, Jan 30, 9:28pm
Were they fed and watered! Are they a perpetual flowering variety! What is the soil like! Have they been deadheaded to a five leaf cluster after the first flowering! Does the grower realise subsequent flowering is never as lush as the first late spring flush!

mushroom990, Jan 31, 12:07am
Yes, have watered a lot, fed a bit. I always remove anything I cut to a 5 leaf cluster. They are (or supposed to be) perpetual flowering. The soil here is sandy but I use compost to combat that. What am I doing wrong!

stevee6, Jan 31, 12:58am
I have no idea, sorry. You've certainly covered all the bases I can think of. Imo you may need to contact a specialist rose grower down there for info and maybe a site inspection. I hope you can get information and get them flowering again. If you do, would you let the thread know as it would be very useful for others in your situation.

samanya, Jan 31, 1:07am
I'm no expert but I have over 100 roses & they are all looking a bit manky now.
I know it's because they need a good soak & we just haven't had much rain, coupled with the very hot days.
I'm sure you haven't done anything wrong, just battling a season that doesn't favour roses, probably.

bindyloo, Jan 31, 1:43am
We've had a problem for the first time this season, with spider mite. they suck out the goodness on the leaves.Continual spray job.

floweringrose, Jan 31, 1:59am
spider mites hate water-hose over and under the leaves in the coolest part of the day

laurenlee, Jan 31, 8:27am
My roses are having a rest too,as samanya said.I have been busy cutting out dead pieces and generally tidying the bushes,and i'm sure they will come away again.Some varieties only have the one flush in the season.It depends on the variety.

wessex, Jan 31, 8:56am
Nothing like that first flush is there!. Fantastic this year but all looking a bit exhausted now. Thanks for the spider mite tip.

favouriteseller, Jan 31, 9:17am
no bees !

no plums for me

guest, Oct 10, 5:48am
Seattle received 1000 chrrey trees as a gift from Japan many years ago. There are a large quantity of them on the University of Washington campus and I loved spending time there when they were in bloom. Sadly, many of the trees are starting to die as they are reaching the end of their lifespan (something like 60 or 70 years) so they are hoping to replace most of them with grafts from the original trees. I'm not sure how that's going.

guest, May 28, 9:11am
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