What is beautiful and flowering now?

shinysta, Feb 15, 3:45am
My friends beloved dog passed away last night and I'd like to get her something to plant in memory of her. Any suggestions would be appreciated thank you

mottly, Feb 15, 3:56am
fushcia!(I love 'em).what a lovely gesture for your friend

spiritofgonzo, Feb 15, 4:00am
just go to the garden centre and see what is flowering, and talk to the staff about how well it grows in your area.Mid summer, heaps is flowering.

figjamto, Feb 15, 8:23am
Day Lilys .I had my garden redisgned and landscaped.these are just beautiful at the moment.but need to be planted in Spring I think.It is also bulb planting time this month, lots available in the Garden Centres in time to flower late Winter early Spring.poor Doggy, always sad to lose them

merrilegs, Feb 15, 4:56pm
Aw that's sad. There is a rose called loving memory. Lovely red blooms and a faint scent.I know it's not the time to plant roses, but if you water it well, should be good.

bashfulbro, Feb 19, 7:28am
Get a tree called Crepe Myrtle, they are absolutely beautiful, in pinks, purple and bright red flowers, they are flowering now, if you get a chance, drive down Mays Rd,, Te Papa between Capt Springs Rd andthe rail crossing before Church St, they line the road there . gorgeous.

kcc55a, Feb 19, 8:04pm
Dahlias.looking great and bright and will flower every year without any maintenance.

holly-rocks, Mar 15, 2:40pm
We always gift a rose or a fruit tree. RIP doggy :(