Thinking of getting one.What are they like do they work

william12, Aug 30, 5:21 pm

Use the search box on the left, choose the past year. There have been dozens of threads about shower domes. Yes, they work and are good.

datoofairy, Aug 30, 5:31 pm

They're great = wouldn't be without them now

wisconsin, Aug 30, 8:02 pm

x2 apparently.

fordkiwi27, Aug 30, 11:31 pm

Make your own. Corflute sign board. $9. Have them in 3 rentals and my own new house.

paxandtrax, Aug 31, 3:13 pm

#5I agree -Corflute board works just as good.May not look as
flash but easy to replace as needed.

ardeea, Aug 31, 8:24 pm

Do you have to seal the edges or put on a right-angle-type metal strip if you usecorflute! And does not having a dome in the middle make a difference!

magrador, Aug 31, 9:42 pm

Same size shower tray upside down perfect.This was done in one house we brought. He was way past his time this guy. House built in 67!

marion3, Sep 1, 3:59 pm

I have one sitting in my garage where it has been for five weeks waiting to be installed, grrrr mrbelly!

bellyatobhs, Sep 1, 4:58 pm

Brilliant. Yes, it needs the dome.

gilligee, Sep 1, 5:10 pm

My brother put a sheet of clear perspex on top of his shower stall and sealed it with silicone, when we were living in his house.
It was horrible.The steam hit the perspex, cooled down and then it rained cold water on us while we were in the shower.
He later replaced it with a proper dome and it worked perfectly. I think the dome is essential.

datoofairy, Sep 1, 5:23 pm

I love mine, mainly because it keeps the whole shower area warm - lovely in winter. However, it makes me feel claustrophobic - like I'm in a vertical coffin!

tara216, Sep 1, 6:00 pm

Steam Stopper. $199 from Bunnings. Brilliant!

sparkyz, Sep 1, 7:27 pm

No it doesn't need the dome. Please tell me why.

paxandtrax, Sep 1, 8:15 pm

Just cut mine back from outside edge of shower and sealed down onto frame. No problem with dripping or anything. If it didn't work or looked ugly why would I put it in a new house. Looks way less ugly than a dome.

paxandtrax, Sep 1, 8:19 pm

Sheet of flat acrylic works perfect $50

alister1, Sep 2, 10:15 am

theyre great!

doesnt drip, and dont even really notice it up there. i personally dont feel claustraphobic in the shower but occasionally if i have shower too hot i feel a bit exhausted so have to open the door a crack to get fresh air

laura_lou27, Sep 2, 2:04 pm

The point of the dome is that the water doesn't drip from the centre on top of you.If you had a flat sheet that naturally sagged a little it would all drip from the middle.However, if you have it slightly oversized in at least one directly you could probably arrange for it to be concave from the inside and so it should work.

I can't believe they're so expensive (and the mounting strip is really crummy).Or rather, I can't believe that someone hasn't started flogging similar things for a third the price.

tillsbury, Sep 2, 7:47 pm

Bought one on Thursday from Bunnings, now to see if it can install its self

jenner4, Sep 2, 9:17 pm

Installed dome on weekend,what adifference.Went for a dome as I am 6ft 4 and still had room to move.

william12, Sep 25, 9:22 pm

We bought a Bunnings steam stopper, the biggest size. However it was still a bit small for our shower I bought white conduit and screwed it around the back to sit on. Worked well.

sunflower187, Nov 19, 6:39 pm

so many threads on this, for the last time IT IS THE BEST!

mansonprincess, Nov 19, 6:42 pm

Of course only works if you have a shower cubicle. For those of us with showers not in a cubicle.

lythande1, Nov 20, 7:39 am

Read post 11

russ18, Nov 20, 7:50 am

Even with steps, how do you reach right across to clean the exterior !

sandy14, Nov 20, 10:01 am

When steam condenses on the plastic it will drop from the lowest point so, in a dome, the water will run down the slope to the edges!

Mrs. belly - bung it in crooked. Won't he feel obliged to show you the correct way!

amasser, Nov 20, 6:03 pm

Sandy14. They are not screwed down, so just lift it off and place it on the floor to clean.

sparkyz, Nov 20, 7:44 pm

Thanks for that.I was curious as in their online brochure it did look as if it was screwed down in the corners.Would hate to be in the shower and looking up at DUST !

sandy14, Nov 20, 7:59 pm

Showerdome has an "F" shaped strip attached to the walls. The dome just slides into the strip and the other sides sit on top of shower frame.

The Bunnings Steam Stopper comes with a couple of small plastic angle blocks that have to be screwed to the walls. The dome sits on these blocks and the shower frame. I didn't like the blocks, so glued white plastic angle to the walls instead. Two sides of the dome sit on angle and two sides on the shower frame.

sparkyz, Nov 20, 8:13 pm

My God,
only in little New Zealand.

rsr72, Nov 20, 11:06 pm

I use a chair and reach three corners to wipe the surface but need Dh long arm reach to clean the far corner.

gilligee, Nov 21, 10:24 pm

No, apparently He's everywhere !

solarboy, Nov 21, 11:10 pm

Houses no longer have little shower cubicles, folks, haven't had for years.
They have extractors.

rsr72, Nov 22, 9:50 am

Really, what about the houses that are years old and don't have extractor fans!

theram1, Nov 22, 10:25 am

but there is NO steam, thats the whole idea ofthe thing.

diana96, Nov 22, 7:00 pm