New Ready Lawn - Patch gone Yellow

leebee35, Mar 20, 8:05am
Anyone any ideas on how I fix this. its had plently of water. I'm wondering if the soil underneath isnt as good as I did have a tree there prior?

cantabman1, Mar 20, 9:24am
Did you poison your last tree stump, or is there a cat or dog that has peed their?

trade4us2, Mar 20, 10:29am
Isn't Roundup supposed to become inactive in soil?

leebee35, Mar 20, 9:34pm
Yeah might be cat pee. I did ask the neighbours if it was them.

jsimons12, Feb 28, 12:59pm
It is either not getting enough sun or it could be fungus in the soil, if it is fungus you will need to kill the fungus before you can successfully grow grass there. Try a natural fungacide. If it has enough water then you should stop watering to try & control the fungus.