Building Costs

tel4, Nov 22, 7:11am
Anyone have a rough idea on building costs in Auckland. We are planning on building a new room that will be a kitchen at the rear of our 1920's bungalow. Total area will be about 16m2, iron roof. We will do the fit out and painting etc ourselves. Unfortunately google searches dont turn up anything particularly useful. So I am interested in what others have found by experience in the last year or so. Thanks

survivalkiwi, Nov 22, 7:22am
The reason google wont give you an answer is because you question is so broad. So I will say anywhere from $100000 upto $10000000.

apollo11, Nov 22, 10:09am
Have you rung any builders yet? It isn't much space you are going to be adding but it will be loaded with all of the plan and consents costs of a larger job. And being a small job, builders may quote with a large dollop of 'can't be arsed' on top too. As survivalkiwi said, it could cost you a hundred grand plus.

golfdiver, Nov 22, 6:45pm
Kitchens are the most expensive rooms to build as well. Don't try to get m2 rates on these, as it will just be a guess. Send out a concept plan to people who you have contacted and who have expressed interest that this is their specialty.

tel4, Nov 22, 7:07pm
Thanks for the advice, and we will be doing the above once we get a better idea of how big the room will be.

At the moment Im just trying to get a ball park figure for a simple room in $ per m2. The cost for fit out is separate, and not included, just the room. Thanks

golfdiver, Jul 25, 6:19pm
If it is a 1920's place, are you keeping it in period with matching tongue and groove flooring, sash Windows , and exact matching cladding or just modern cheap and simple. Keeping in period is a very expensive but rewarding way to do it. Be very careful with your builder choice in this case and ask to see similar work completed. Note that some things will have to be compromised to meet the modern code.