Building a shed which can be towed/moved

quiz3, Nov 28, 7:49am
We are looking to building a shed which we can move by towing. Has anyone out there built one of these types of sheds and any good ideas or plans I can access.
My first thoughts are big round fence posts with the front of the post sawn off on an angle then build up from there.
Your ideas, plans etc much appreciated. Cheers.

jmma, Nov 28, 8:11am
Man invented the wheel a few years ago (o:

daryl14, Nov 28, 5:17pm
Most kitset garden sheds can be dismantled and taken anywhere. What are you going to build it from and how far is it going to travel? The heavier it is the less you will want to move it.

annies3, Nov 28, 5:41pm
Yes we built a chook shed which has runners underneath it has the frame built on top of the runners and can be towed with the ATV quite common,
We just used the equivalent of 4x2 timber for both the runners and the frame, the runners though are placed on their edge with the bottom front pointed.

golfdiver, Nov 28, 6:36pm
Just build it so a hiab can pick it up

daryl14, Nov 28, 6:50pm
Because everybody has a hiab at home.

golfdiver, Nov 28, 6:57pm
They cost bugger all to hire

hammer23, Nov 28, 8:00pm
Why did the chicken cross the road,well now we know,some bugger moved the chook house.

mrfxit, Nov 28, 8:04pm
Better questions would be .

How large
What are you towing it with
How far to you intend to tow it
Where are you towing it to & from
Does it need wheels or sled runners
Weight capacity

quiz3, Nov 28, 8:18pm
Thanks for answers to question. Idea is to move shed once a week and we have a tractor to do that.
annies3 sounds like a good start. Thanks.

russ18, Nov 28, 8:29pm
Small caravan?

plyguy, Nov 28, 8:56pm
Just round the end of the bearer so it looks like a sleigh

annies3, Nov 28, 9:54pm
Just heard from the boss that the runners are bigger than I said he is off to measure them.

annies3, Nov 28, 11:33pm
6x2 or 150x50 for the runners, we used ply for the cladding so just made it to fit the standard size of a sheet of ply, easy and no waste, can be as big as required.

ksam, Jul 18, 11:51pm
Still quicker and cheaper to hire, than your idea of pulling it to bits, then putting it back together again.