Natural Remedy for White Butterfly.

Is there anything natural (as in not chemical) that I can use for white butterfly!

They are a real pest at the moment and I dont like to use chemicals in the garden when possible.

mumstu, Feb 22, 4:49 pm

BT spray is natural/organic

dibble35, Feb 22, 5:29 pm

plant mint between caulis

bexter2, Feb 22, 7:20 pm

Where can you get this bt spray from. Any gardening shop

toxictanyia, Feb 22, 7:35 pm

Fly swat , it's good exercise

redhead96, Feb 22, 7:44 pm

If you can make sure you keep the water up to your brassicas because when it gets a bit dry the plants are more vulnerable to insect attack! So give a good soaking either early evening or first thing in the morning.

macandrosie, Feb 22, 8:12 pm

Derris Dust that has been used for years by home gardeners. Made from plant root extracts so as natural as anything.

wasgonna, Feb 22, 8:52 pm

Yes Derris dust, works realy well and non toxic

squeaking, Feb 22, 9:13 pm

If you grow lettuce, blend it with lots of water, you can spray it on the brassicas and it disguises them.It really works.

spiritofgonzo, Feb 22, 9:19 pm

Thats a really good hint, thank you

canz, Feb 22, 11:47 pm

electric fly swats, about $11 from Bunnings.

peter148, Feb 23, 1:37 am

Natural.what do you think a chemical is! Water is made of chemicals, air is made of chemicals.
A lot of products used for the garden are made from other plants.
Derris Dust contains rotenone, which occurs naturally in the seeds and stems of several plants, such as the jicama vine plant; and the roots of several members of Fabaceae. It is a chemical.
Pyrethrum, a popular insecticide (natural) comes from Chrysanthemums.
It's a chemical.
Read this for a list of "natural":

lythande1, Feb 23, 7:28 am

Ive found a good tennis rack does a good job.

cantabman1, Feb 23, 9:33 am

To OP:
Plant African marrigolds aroung your brassicas, and the natural Pyrethrem given off by the plant will put off the buttiflies and bugs.

cantabman1, Feb 23, 9:36 am

I use "No Caterpillars".It is an organic spray.Apparently it is a natural fungus that kills the newly hatched caterpillar once it hatches and starts to feed.It is really good, found it to be hugely successful.Am still using the same box I bought four years ago and is still working.

liamjosh, Feb 23, 11:15 am

You need to upscale. Tennis rackets are the thing!

r.g.nixon, Feb 23, 11:16 am

yep, tennis rackets - we must've got at least 100 today!I plant nasturtium's around my vege plots - they prefer them to the vege.but I can't help but kill them anyway!We've taught the dog and our cats to catch them too - they do a great job when we're not looking lol

mottly, Feb 23, 6:58 pm

Thanks for these suggestions.Will give some a go.Was down in the garden today and the poor veges are getting a hammering!

mumstu, Feb 23, 8:28 pm

Sorry for the delay in replying, you should be able to get BT spray at most garden centres/mitre10/bunnings etc. It is Bacillus thurengensis.spelling is probably wrong but not far off, may show up on google.

dibble35, Feb 23, 8:38 pm